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Brighton is a city on the coast located in England, East-Sussex. However, it is probably more than a city and there is a reason why. Brighton could be described as one of the most lively and open-minded city ever. It is hosting about 285,300 inhabitants. As crazy as it may appear, Brighton is also a popular place for international students as there is a range of international schools but also well-known universities such as the University of Sussex. That is the reason why there is a huge melting pot in such a small city.

Small city but not that small finally… With its Pier and marvellous sea sceneries, Brighton is the ideal place to be doing an internship in. There are all sorts of companies running through Brighton town which are not going to let our interns down!

Talking about Brighton also means more and more fun! From vintage shops to street art and festivals, there are at least one thing to please everybody. For those who would quickly become Brightonien and know Brighton like the back of their hand, Brighton is not that far from:

  • London (about 1 hour).
  • Eastbourne (about ¾ hour).
  • Portsmouth (about 1 hour and a half).

Internship sectors

Because Brighton has got an important place within the economy, it offers a wide range of sectors including:

  • Business Administration
  • Marketing and events
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • PR and Communications
  • Media
  • Museum and arts
  • Fashion and Design
  • Translation
  • Tourism



  • Other airports not too far from Brighton: London Heathrow Airport at approximatively 90 mins and Southampton Airport at about 2 hours.
  • Buses are available from the airports directly connecting to Brighton (about 1 or 2 hours).


  • Take the Eurostar train ( from Europe via the Channel Tunnel to London St Pancras, London Victoria or London Bridge where there is a range of trains directly heading to Brighton (approximatively 1 hour).



  • Homestay accommodation is available in Brighton and the excellent bus service Brighton & Hove Buses ( serves you straight forward between your host family and internship company.
  • Other options include private lets through services such as Gumtree ( and Homestay ( As Brighton has a lot of international students, it is worth trying to arrange accommodation as soon as possible.
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Distinctive highlights include:

1. One of the most popular thing to visit in Brighton is the Brighton Pier. You can’t leave the city before going at least once on the Pier and have a crepe while enjoying the sunset.

2. For those one who aren’t afraid of heights, the i360 ( is a thing to experience. It takes you straight to the sky, above the building and you can enjoy an overall view of Brighton.

3. Brighton is surrounded by greenspaces as well like the Queen’s Park and Preston park. Brilliant for long walks and to make dogs cheerful.

4. One of the beautiful building in Brighton is the Royal Pavilion ( which was built in an Indian style in 1787. The building is based in a park where you can have a picnic or relax in the Pavilion café.

5. For the shopping lovers, Churchill Square ( is one place to enjoy. There is a huge shopping centre and a lot of different shops nearby. From café to cards shops and food supermarket.

6. The Lanes are worth to go as it has small original streets where you can find pubs and restaurants.

7. When you hear Brighton, what might come to mind is those coloured huts located in Hove, along the seaside. Good for an early or late walk.

8. During the whole month of May, each year, the biggest festival in Brighton is taking place. Activities for young and old alike with a ubiquitous great atmosphere.

9. Brighton is well known for its quirky style and so, Kensington Gardens is a place where you can find a so many vintage, antique, jewellery shops. Nearby, during the weekend, there is usually a flea market if you want to find the oldest radio you’ve never had.

10. For the night owls, no worries, as Brighton is the liveliest city ever, there are lots of clubs and pubs along the seaside.

11. The West Pier is wonderful to see when the sunset and the murmuring birds are out.

12. A perfect family activity to do for a rainy day would be the Sea Life Centre ( Have an aquatic view of Brighton!

13. For those who would like to escape for one day, there are few relaxing places not too far by bus. Head to Seven Sisters ( or Devil’s Dyke for fresh air and amazing landscapes (

14. England also means scones! Go to the Mock Turtle (4, Pool Valley, BN1 1NJ), and have delicious scones with a cup of tea, a traditional bread/cake in the UK.

15. Even though, there are so many good cafes in Brighton where you can have a good time in, there is particularly one you must go to, the Marwood café (, it is not common to see a place like that but in Brighton, it is possible. Don’t be scared, just enjoy your piece of cake and café!

16. For more entertaining, Brighton Dome ( and the Theatre Royal ( are gorgeous places to see a show. The buildings themselves are already magic.

Brighton does not leave indifferent…

I love San Francisco and Brighton has something of San Francisco about it. It’s by the sea, there’s a big gay community, a feeling of people being there because they enjoy their life there.

Brian ENO, English musician composer.

Brighton gives me the heebie-jeebies. When I’m near the seafront I can’t sleep, I can’t eat.”

Paul MCGANN, English actor.

Of course, New Brighton is very shabby, very rundown, but people still go there because it’s the place where you take out on a Sunday.”

Martin PARR, British photographer. 

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