The young and lively UK’ city.

Bristol is a city in South West England, the sixth city in England with 442 500 inhabitants and people are known as Bristolian.

Bristol is one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations, the city is one of the world’s top ten cities (in Eyewitness guides for young adults – 2009), the best city to live in Britain (the Sunday times – 2014) and won in 2015 the EU’s European Green Capital Award.

Bristol is an important student city with two universities: The University of West of England and the University of Bristol.

The economy of Bristol is support by the creative media, electronics and aerospace industries. In the city centre, the docks are a centre of heritage and culture.

As an important and lively city in England, some clubs represent the major national sports in the UK as the Bristol City and Bristol Rovers for football, Bristol Rugby and Gloucestershire County Cricket Club.

BristolStreet art tour

Bristol is known for this cultural and artistic sector. The Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery show natural history, archaeology, local glassware, Chinese ceramics and art.

Banksy, the graffiti artist is believed to be from Bristol, many of his graffiti are on display all around the city, as a lot of other street art’ artists (Shab, Cheo or Dan).

Bristol offer a wide range of internship’s sectors, including:

  • Business Admin
  • Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Engineering
  • HR
  • IT
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Lots of flights are available to Bristol airport or you can arrived in London and take the train (1:30) to go in Bristol. If you don’t find your country, check if the destination is available on the airport website.


It is two trains station in Bristol: Bristol Parkway and Bristol Temple Meads (in the centre in the city)

  • Bristol is only 1:30 hours from London (Paddington station) or from Birmingham in train.
  • Eurostar train to Bristol Cross St Pancreas (London) with a connection with Bristol (one change in London Paddington).


  • Direct coach is available to Bristol, for example from Gatwick Airport generally in 4 – 5 hours

Distinctive highlights include:

  • Bristol manage its own local currency, the Bristol Pound. The mayor of the city is completely paid in £B and you can pay your electricity bills in £B (to Good Energy, 100% renewable energy).
Bristol Pound note
  • At the end of summer, the Balloon Fiesta happen in Bristol. This hot air balloon festival is organise in august each year and attract more than 500 000 peoples in Ashton Court (near to Bristol).
  • The Clifton Suspension Bridge, is the symbol of Bristol. The bridge joins Bristol to North Somerset and had opened in 1864. Free tours and walks are organized every days.

Some sentences that only people coming from Bristol can understand:

    • “Alright me luvver?/Alright me babber?”: “How are you?”
    • “Cheers, Drive”: “Thanks, for the lift (bus driver)”
    • “I’ve scraged my knee and it hurts!“ I’ve scratched my knee and it hurts”
    • “Gert lush” “Rather nice”
    • “Where you going to?” “Where are you going?
    • “I’d be aff up the incline by now”: “I am frustrated that you don’t understand what I am saying”
    • “I can’t understand a word yum saying ow bis”: “I cant understand what you are saying”
    • “A great ideal”: “A great idea”
    • “Job’s a good ‘un”: “Good job”
    • “Where’s attoo”: “Where’s that?”
    • “That’s proper”: “That’s good”
    • “Luvs, it I dooze”: “I love it”
    • “Mind”: Added on to end of sentences – e.g. “don’t do that, mind”
    • “Where’s ee to?”: “Where is he?”
    • “Wurz zat to?”: “Where is that?

Explore further at the web site of the city.


  • Homestay accommodation is available in Bristol and the excellent bus service (First Bus) means that travel between your host family and your internship company should be straight forward.
  • Other options include private lets through services such as gumtree and As Bristol is a university city, competition for flats can be high so it is worth trying to arrange accommodation as soon as possible.
  • Some student’s accommodation are available and not expansive, like:
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