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Established in 2005, Professionals UK Ltd provides Internship programmes for international students.

Our programmes provide students with practical work experience in great companies, as well as opportunities to put their English language and life skills into action.

Doing an English Language Through Internship Programme provides students with many career benefits including:

  1. developing their English language skills
  2. gaining practical work experience in an international setting
  3. building cultural understanding and international connections
  4. contributing to the local and wider economy

Over the last 12 years we have matched OVER 8,000 STUDENTS from 30 COUNTRIES WITH 900 COMPANIES across the UK IN OVER 50 SECTORS.

We offer internships all over the UK including London, Brighton, York, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford and Cambridge.

Our process is both personal and professional to provide you with the work experience you require for your future career development.

Professionals UK provides internships for our partner English language schools,business schools, agents and independent students.

We also provide a paid hospitality internships for interns who already have strong work experience in this sector.

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