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Professionals UK brings students and companies together for life-changing internships & experiences.

Over the last 12 years, we have matched over 7,000 students from 30 countries with 900 companies across the UK in over 50 sectors.

We partner with over 900 companies from entrepreneurial start-ups through to established brands. We work closely with companies to understand their business and culture, and how they will best benefit from an intern.

We place students from some of the Top Universities and Colleges in Europe in organisations all over the UK in over 50 different sectors.

Doing an English Language Through Internship Programme provides students with many career benefits including:

  1. developing their English language skills
  2. gaining practical work experience in an international setting
  3. building cultural understanding and international connections
  4. contributing to the local and wider economy

To be eligible for the Programme candidates must be able to demonstrate a good communicative level of English.

Our service

The aim of our service is to create rich life experiences that help students accelerate their English, improve their career prospects and grow personally.

We provide internships across the whole of the UK, including London, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Manchester and York.

We also provide assistance to our interns for finding accommodation and arranging airport transfers.

We offer a free service to companies – there is no charge for taking on an intern and no catch.

Professionals UK is always our first option to find ambitious and talented interns.”
Sara, Marketing Manager

How do our interns help companies grow?

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First and foremost, our students are highly motivated and bring a “can do” attitude with them.

They also:

  1. Provide an extra pair of hands in the day to day running of the business
  2. Help with online marketing (they are the social media generation…)
  3. Facilitate research projects exploring new markets, products and services
  4. Apply their local knowledge of the European market
  5. Bring their technical skills (for example graphic design, engineering, IT programming)

What do companies need to provide?

  1. A variety of real life tasks relevant to the student’s studies
  2. A mentor who will meet with the intern weekly to agree objectives and monitor how the internship is going
  3. An opportunity to practice their English skills
  4. Assistance with travel and lunch expenses
  5. A desk, computer and employers liability insurance
  6. Completion of internship forms for Erasmus+ funding
  7. A reference

In some cases, the interns are also required to carry out a project to support their university degree. In this case, managers can agree an internship topic with the student which will meet both the requirements of the university and also be of real life benefit to the company. Examples of highly successful projects include market research, product research and the development of an online marketing strategy.

“If only more companies were as easy to deal with. A pleasure.”
Theo, Company CEO

Who are Professionals UK?

The Professionals UK team has a combined experience of 35 years of working in the English Language Learning industry.


As a result we have an excellent understanding of the specific needs of international students and companies.


We work with partners all over Europe and help students with accommodation, travel and general life in the UK.


We are a corporate member of English UK, which works in partnership with the British Council to maintain rigorous standards for English Language Learning in the UK.

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“Jessica has been amazing and without doubt has been the best placement we’ve had. She’s worked really hard and has got involved in all aspects.”
James, Company Owner

How the programme works?

We work closely with companies to understand their business and culture to match the right intern. After this:


  1. You receive 1 or a selection of CVs
  2. If you are interested, we arrange an interview with a potential candidate
  3. You offer a placement if the student is suitable
  4. Professionals UK monitors the placement and is on hand to answer questions and issues a student certificate at the end
  5. You provide the student with a reference
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